Looking for more from your home? Here's what Huntwood Constructions can do for you:

New Homes

New Homes are a speciality, we love the challenge and reward of designing and constructing the home of your dreams. Huntwood Constructions will successfully manage your new home project every step of the way, from concept and design through to finishing and making certain everything works and looks as intended. We prioritise effective communication and precise planning, to ensure our work is not only the best quality, but also on time and within budget.

Building a new home is an involved process requiring massive care and attention to detail. We have the experience and technical skill to make your new home a success that is beautiful and wonderfully liveable.

Top Floor Additions

Top Floor Additions require precise design, experienced planning and careful work. Adding a floor can greatly increase the size, liveability and value of your home, but it’s obviously not as simple as just building up. Effective design and construction includes securing load-bearing walls and structures, placing stairs, and managing plumbing, electrical, and AC and ventilation. We will listen to what you want from your home and work with you closely to present a range of options that best accomplish the style and performance you seek.

Huntwood Constructions is a full service building for top floor additions, including living areas and bedrooms, bathrooms, play areas, staircases and vertical entries, and much more.

Additions and Extensions

Additions and Extensions are the best way to immediately improve the liveability, style, and value of your home. Adding space can accomplish a variety of goals, whether you need an extra bedroom and bath, a play room for the kids, would like a home office or study, or just want to expand your home to keep pace with a growing family and the desire to live and entertain in style.

You don’t need to move to find the extra living space you need – home additions and extensions are the smarter way to get yourself a brand new home!

Decking and Outdoor Living Areas

Decking and Outdoor Living Areas present the opportunity to create marvellous spaces for entertaining and enjoying life outdoors. We can explore with you ideas to transform and optimise your home’s outdoor areas, including timber decks, patios, outdoor kitchens & BBQ areas, outside lounges, featured entries and porches, and much more. We can also consult regarding the best outdoor living projects to improve the value of your home.

We emphasise an appealing balance of design and function, to best create fun outdoor spaces with gorgeous architectural features that allow you to relax and entertain in comfort and style.

Attic Conversions

Attic Conversions include attic renovations, additions, and finishing, all of which are an opportunity to transform your attic into an additional beautiful, liveable space in your home. If you use your attic simply for storage, or ignore it altogether, an attic conversion can optimise existing space for a fraction of the price of a traditional addition or remodel. We can turn your attic into an extra bedroom, loft, library or study, home office space, or whatever type of room you want.

Attic conversions are a special challenge because of accessibility and configuration issues, our expert design team will provide you all your options to create the perfect, functional extra space that adds liveability and value to your home.